In accordance with policy AEA, the DeKalb County School District’s Calendar Committee is exploring calendar options for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years to align with other similarly sized districts in close geographic proximity. All calendar options include the following attributes:

  • Independent Learner Days – virtual school days for students and professional learning/workdays for teachers
  • 180 days of instruction for students (including independent learner days)
  • 190 teacher days including one evening workday comprised of parent-teacher conferences (2 per semester)
  • Teacher workdays before the first day of school
  • Holidays for all – Labor Day, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Day, and Presidents’ Day
  • Thanksgiving break – one week in November
  • Spring Break – one week coinciding with most metro area districts
  • Last day of school for students before Memorial Day

Please complete the short survey about the calendar options. This is not a vote but rather an opportunity to receive input from all stakeholders. Your input will be used to finalize the 2022-2024 calendar recommendations that will be presented during the Board Meeting on December 13, 2021 for consideration and action. Please complete the survey only once.