In July 2010, the DeKalb County School District to conduct a forensic and comprehensive review of the Board of Education policies, related regulations, and exhibits published in the online policy manual and identify those policies that require revision or elimination as well as areas where new policies are needed.

online policy manual

Revision and Review Process

The process for a policy to be developed or revised and ultimately receive final adoption by the Board of Education is a two-month process. During the Board of Education meeting in the first month, the revised or new policies will be presented for first read or “initial request.” The policies will sit for thirty days allowing the Board of Education to review and comment as well as giving the public the opportunity to provide input/feedback. During the Board of Education meeting in the following month, the new, revised, or eliminated policies are presented for final adoption. Any Board of Education comments and/or public input considered to be included in the policy will be motioned up or down and voted upon. Subsequently, a motion will be made for final adoption of the policy, any approved changes will be made, and the new or revised policy will be updated on the opens in new window icon eBoard website eBoard website.

To ensure ongoing maintenance and make certain policies are current, aligned with business operations, and are legally compliant, DeKalb County Schools will conduct an annual review of all policies to determine those that will require revision based on a change in law and/or business process. DeKalb County Schools is also implementing a training strategy to make certain all employees are trained on relevant policies.

To view pending policies as well as all other policies, please visit our eBoard website.

Revision and Review Workflow