DeKalb County School District values a strong parent-school partnership and invites you to learn more about what your child will learn this year through this publication, Curriculum Connections.

DeKalb’s curriculum for grades K-12 is aligned to the state-adopted Georgia standards of excellence in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition to core studies, students in DeKalb County schools are offered a variety of coursework to develop the whole child.

DeKalb County School District prepares students for college and careers through a laser focus on rigorous, relevant classroom instruction related to each child’s needs. The curriculum was developed by DeKalb teachers for DeKalb students and is aligned with the district’s mission to ensure student success, leading to higher education, work, and lifelong learning.

Each unit of study prioritizes essential concepts and skills students should master in that grade or course. The curriculum offers engaging learning experiences that are based on tasks that require critical thinking and application of knowledge in real-world situations. Instructional resources and digital tools, as well as support services, help every student reach their potential.

Together, we can help your child achieve educational excellence. We encourage you to talk with your child about what they are learning and support their learning at home.