Dispatch is the communications hub for transportation and fleet services, providing scheduled coverage between the hours of 5:30 AM and 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Dispatch is the communication link among bus drivers, district managers, the fleet maintenance operation, school personnel, and administration in schools and centers.

Our first priority is the safety of the students we transport and the drivers who transport them. Dispatchers respond to each driver’s transmission, which can range from an emergency situation that requires a call to the police or for emergency medical assistance, to a mechanical problem with the bus, or a call for directions. Instructions are given to drivers on safety and policy regarding job safety. Dispatchers receive and respond to telephone calls from bus drivers, district managers, parents/students, school personnel, and administration.

Dispatch brings a sense of order to what would otherwise be a chaotic process. Please feel free to give the Dispatch department a call and allow us to assist you. In order to assist each caller as quickly as possible, please have the following information available at the time of your call:

  • name of student
  • name of school
  • bus or route number
  • location of pick up and/or drop off


  • Dispatch Assistance
  • 678.676.1333 | 678.676.1305