DeKalb County School District believes it takes everyone in our community working together to ensure that all students are prepared for college, careers and life. Our district uses innovative solutions to address issues in education, and this work would not be possible without the support of teachers, parents, community members, businesses, and nonprofits.

The Grants and Partnership Development Department provides support to all schools, centers, and departments. Grants and Partnerships supports the mission and goals of DeKalb County School District by leveraging partnerships between schools, businesses and organizations to secure additional resources. We solicit the support of local, state and regional partners as we strive to build sustainable relationships that will enhance resources to maximize student success.

The Grants and Partnership Development Department is responsible for processing data and grant requests from both internal and external constituents.

Grant Procedures

All agencies, institutions of higher education, non-profits, and others who wish to partner with DeKalb County School District on a grant application should complete the external grant request form.

Invitations and requests must be received in ample time for review and response before any deadlines.

Staff in DeKalb County School District schools, centers, and departments interested in submitting grant applications to outside sources should complete the internal grant request form.

Please follow the District’s grants procedures and process, prior to submitting a grant that exceeds $1000, and/or prior to partnering with an external organization

At no time will grants requiring matching funds be approved without appropriate authorization. This authorization process begins with the Division of Community Empowerment, Innovation and Partnerships, Grants and Partnership Development.

Core Functions

  • Facilitate the establishment of collaborative philanthropic relationships or partnerships with private, public, nonprofit and individual donors to advance school district priorities.
  • Oversee the planning and execution of competitive grant funding requests from the district to federal, foundation and private sector grantors
  • Informing the district of current grant opportunities
  • Provide capacity building training and technical assistance to schools, departments, and professional staff on identifying, applying and managing potential and existing competitive grants funds and related in-kind resources

Grant Awards

The goal of the grants office is to assist in identifying a wide range of potential grant funding sources, acquiring grants and securing collaborative partnerships with organizations to enhance educational opportunities that support district-wide initiatives and the District’s strategic plan. Students greatly benefit from grant funding and partnerships, whether they are in-kind or monetary donations, provided by our collaborative partners and other organizations. If you receive a grant award, email us and include the award information and final grant proposal.

For employees applying for a grant, complete the electronic Internal Grant Opportunity Summary form Please follow up with your immediate supervisor to ensure the electronic approval form that will be automatically emailed has been completed.

For external agencies seeking to partner with the District, complete the electronic External Grant Opportunity Summary & Request form.


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