Hospital/Homebound (HHB) services are designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home or hospital for students in Georgia public schools whose medical needs, either physical or psychiatric, do not allow them to attend school for a limited period of time. HHB instruction may be used to supplement the classroom program for students with health impairments whose conditions may interfere with regular school attendance (e.g., students receiving dialysis or radiation/chemotherapy or students with other serious health conditions). The student’s inability to attend school for a minimum of 10 consecutive or intermittent school days due to medical or psychiatric reasons must be certified by the licensed physician who is currently treating the student for the diagnosis presented.

HHB services are not intended to supplant (replace) regular school services and are by design temporary. This program is not for remediation and is not designed to provide students with time to make up previously missed assignments. It cannot duplicate the comprehensive classroom experience. Instruction is minimal and normal progression that would be expected through classroom instruction in the school setting cannot be guaranteed. The goal of hospital homebound instruction is to keep the student as current as possible with classroom instruction.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for HHB service is based on the following criteria:

  1. The student must be enrolled in the DeKalb County School District.
  2. The student must have a medical and/or psychiatric condition that is documented by the licensed physician or psychiatrist treating the student for the HHB impairment.
  3. Physical/medical condition: Students with physical or medical conditions causing them to be unable to attend school may include those with serious or terminal illnesses, those undergoing treatments that compromise their immune systems, or those undergoing surgery.
  4. Psychiatric condition: In some instances, when a student is experiencing psychiatric difficulties, hospital/homebound instruction may exacerbate the student’s problems and would therefore not be approved. Other school-based alternatives may be more appropriate.
  5. The student must be anticipated to be absent from school for a minimum of ten consecutive or intermittent school days.
  6. The final determination or approval of Hospital/Homebound services is made by the District’s HHB Office. A recommendation for HHB by a treating physician does NOT guarantee Hospital Homebound placement.
  7. Students who have been declared emancipated by a court or are 18 years of age or older are eligible to sign the DCSD HHB Application and accompanying documents.
  8. Students who have any form of influenza or other airborne contagious diseases, such as the flu or coronavirus will not be provided services until the licensed physician certifies that the student is no longer infectious.
  9. In order to evaluate the need for Hospital/Homebound instruction, the local school will require the parent, guardian, emancipated minor, or student 18 years of age or older to sign the HIPAA form. The exchange of information is essential in determining the initial eligibility and continued eligibility of the student receiving services.
  10. Students approved for intermittent HHB services must be absent for three school consecutive school days within one week before HHB services will be initiated, unless otherwise noted.

HHB Referral Procedures

Each school has an HHB contact or designee. For general education students, it is typically the 504 Chairperson. For students receiving special education services, it is the Lead Teacher for Special Education (LTSE).

  1. Parent must request the HHB application from the appropriate designee if the student will possibly require hospital/homebound services.
  2. The HHB designee will provide the HHB application to the parent and provide information concerning the program.
  3. The parent should complete the first 3 pages of the application and provide the last two pages to the physician/psychiatrist to complete.
  4. The Physician Certification form must be complete with the appropriate signatures and physician’s license number.
  5. The complete HHB application (original document) should be returned to the local school’s HHB designee for processing.
  6. In some instances, the doctor’s office may email the forms directly to DekalbHHB@dekalbschoolsga.org or fax documents at 678-676-1888.
  7. The HHB designee will schedule the 504/IEP meeting to communication approval/denial of application and to create the Educational Service Plan (ESP), if approved.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

If services are to be provided in the home, the parent/guardian must agree to the following:

  • A responsible adult (at least 21 years of age) must be present during each homebound session.
  • A quiet, clean, well-ventilated place for the student and teacher to work without interruption must be provided. The television and other media should be kept off, and other children, visitors, and pets should not be present.
  • A schedule for the student to study between teacher visits must be established
  • Student must complete assignments between visits and be prepared to learn at the subsequent visit.
  • All instructional appointments should be kept; however, in case of an emergency, the parent/guardian must contact the homebound teacher to cancel the appointment. Please understand that cancelled appointments will impact the student’s academic progress.
  • Parent/guardian must communicate with the homebound teacher about changes in the child’s health status or other concerns.
  • Parent/guardian must sign a time sheet with a record of the days and times that the homebound teacher provided instruction to the student.

Failure to comply with the above could result in the review of your child’s eligibility for hospital/homebound instruction.

Student Responsibilities

Hospital/Homebound instruction is an extension of school and all classroom rules and regulations, as well as school district policies, apply. The student must:

  • Be available for scheduled instruction
  • Be dressed appropriately
  • Have all books and materials needed for instruction
  • Complete homework assignments
  • Remain courteous, comply with teacher requests, and use appropriate language
  • Dedicate instructional time for instruction only (no phone calls, visitation, or television)
  • Have a quiet area suitable for instructional purposes

Failure to comply with the above could result in the review of eligibility for hospital/homebound instruction.

Parent Resources

HHB Brochure

Failure to comply with the above could result in the review of eligibility for hospital/homebound instruction.