Activity Instructional Expectations

Student will access virtual learning assignments in VERGE for each class.

  • Students can get to VERGE by logging into Launchpad.
  • Teachers will provide paper copies of the assignments as needed (e.g. Pre-K and Kindergarten).

Assignments will be provided for all courses.

  • The assignments will be aligned to the standards that the students are currently learning.
  • All assignments will be content-specific and relevant.

Each assignment will be the equivalent of one class period.

  • Assignments may involve reading, writing, conducting research, performing mini labs, completing practice problems, practicing skills, taking notes, answering questions, etc..

Teachers will be available for direct student support through normal channels of communication for your local school

(e.g., email, VERGE Messenger, etc.).

Teachers will grade each assignment and enter the grade into Infinite Campus for grades 1 through 12.

  • Assignments will be named Virtual Learning Activity 1(VLA1) and Virtual Learning Activity 2 (VLA2) in the “Assessment During Learning” category (25%).